Sansa Clip won't turn on, and is Unreadable?

Just today my 2G Sansa Clip would turn on, but stop after the Sansa logo appears on screen. Now I can not turn on my Sansa Clip, nor can I connect it to my computer. Upon connecting the Clip through USB cable, I receive the message “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”. I can not find the disk image on my desktop or in my home folder.

What should I do? I only bought the mp3 player and usb connecting cable.


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First try resetting the Clip by holding the switch in the ON position for about 20 seconds, release, then power up again.


I tried the soft reset method, but to no avail.

The soft reset has been known to work in as little as 8-10 secs. or as long as 30-40 seconds. I’d try it again, holding the power switch longer.

If you still don’t get any postive reaction, then it’s probably advisable to either exchange through the dealer you bought it from (if possible) or contact SanDisk (Tech Support) directly for further help or replacement under their 1 year warranty.

If you’re in the US, SanDisk can be reached via:

North America Technical Support
1-866-SANDISK (726-3475)
8am - 7pm Pacific Standard Time
11am - 10pm Eastern Standard Time
CLOSED Saturdays and Sundays

You also may want to try leaving the Clip plugged in to your computer or AC overnight/for lotsa hours and see if that fixes things (it sometimes has, in the past).