Windows won't boot while clip is connected.

More a curiosity than a question.  I am running WinXP Pro.  The clip (2 gig) was detected at first plug in.  Works fantastically.  No problems…  until I restarted my computer while the clip was plugged in.  The computer hung up before windows would boot and I had a black screen with a cursor at the top left that did nothing.  I hard booted 3 or 4 times with no success until it occured to me that the only thing different was the clip… and I unplugged it and windows fired right up.  I can recreate this situation, if I plug it in and restart windows hangs…   I can leave it plugged in while the computer is on with no issues, just can’t start up with the clip plugged in.  I really don’t see this as much of an issue for me.  Now that I know what is going on it’s very easy to rectify… just wondering if anyone else has had this issue.  (I searched the boards and didn’t really find anything.)


it sounds like your computer is set to boot from usb and it is trying to boot from the clip which as you know is impossible. you can change your boot order in your bios to boot from harddrive first and you will no longer see the issue or just dont plug in the clip untill your computer is fully running.


Does anyone have another solution to this problem, by changing something in the cruzer’s configuration?

I would rather leave the key plugged in, and also not change the boot order.




This thread is referring to an mp3 player, not a Cruzer flash drive.

This is a PC issue. You may need to check the BIOS settings. Some BIOS is set on not to boot when a USB device is plugged in. Try connecting any USB device and you’ll see that it’s not only this player.