MSC mode stops pc boot

I have my Sansa Clip+ set for MSC mode, because of issues with folder names not displaying properly in MTP mode.  However, if I forget to disconnect the Clip+ from the pc before shutting down or restarting, the next time the pc is booted it will “hang” on a black screen with a blinking dash in the upper left corner.  This appears after the normal bios screen goes away, at the point when the “Starting Windows” screen should display.  If I have the Clip+ in MTP mode, the pc boots just fine.

The Sansa info screen says Version: V01.02.15A

My pc runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

This is a setting you need to change in your BIOS on your computer.

@tapeworm wrote:

This is a setting you need to change in your BIOS on your computer.

Can you give me an example of what that setting might be?  I checked the boot device priority, and the hard drive plugged into the motherboard is listed first.  I don’t see any other settings that look like they might apply to this problem.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Sorry, I don’t have Win 7 so I can’t give you any step-by-steps, but I would think that you need to turn off USB booting altogether.

Maybe someone more familiar with your OS will chime in with more explicit help.

Hi, found this on another group:

Silly me! The option to disable booting fromthe USB device was present in the Bios, but it only appeared when the device itself was connected to the PC. What happened was this…when the PC failed to boot after trying to do so from the USB device, I would then disconnect the device and then re-inspect the bios… at which time of course the option to disable was not there! My apologies folks.

Could you check if this is happening to you aswell?

I searched through the BIOS settings and found another setting for booting from usb, and disabled it.  That seems to have done the trick.

Part of my confusion came from the fact that when some of the settings were changed, it caused other settings to become available, some of them on other pages of the BIOS setup.

I don’t remember if I tried booting with and without the device plugged in, so I can’t say if that was the problem.  Also, at one point, I hit the key that set all values to “optimum” instead of the save and exit key, which added to the fun.:wink: