1 GB Clip Wont Boot Up

Hi, im new here but i want to first start off by saying this miniature mp3 playing device has been an excellent commodity for me. Ive been using it for over a year now and ive been impressed throughly. However, over the last two days ive been encountering a problem out of the blue which has lead me to believe i may have a defunct battery. Heres my situation:

I attempt to start the 1gb clip with the power slider on the left and it doesnt boot (start). I plug the usb cable into my computer and attach the Sansa Clip and it boots up with the standard “Connected” message at the top of the mp3 player with the battery bar charging. My question is, if my battery is being displayed as full when i plug it into the computer and when I try to start the Clip to no avail after i disconnect it from the PC, what is the issue?

Thanks, Marrow

You’re just sliding the slider up and releasing it, right (and not holding it up)?

Yes, ive also tried holding it for 15 sec… I cant get it to respond at all once its unplugged from the computer…

Then something is wrong.

When connected to your computer, can you try re-applying the Clip’s firmware (see the sticky threads at the top of the forum)?  Perhaps the firmware became corrupted.  If that doesn’t work, you may want to use your computer to reformat the Clip.  If there’s still an issue, time for a return/warranty replacement.

Update: After opening the clip up, i found that the battery was not connected to the positive connection, therefore its canned. I guess the battery was loose and tore the red wire out… Well thats that, ill just use my phone for my mp3 player now.

Should have thought of that before (me, that is)–the battery connection has been known to become undone.  I’d try a warranty replacement with SanDisk.