Clip $ GB Not Recognized By Windows 7 or Vista

Several months ago I bought a Clip 4 GB as I wanted a larger MP3 player.  I was using Windows XP Pro and was able to just drag and drop.  I just built a new computer with Windows 7.  I just tried adding more music to the player and Windows 7 will not recognize it nor will my Vista laptop.  It always gives me the “Unrecognized USB device” message.  Now I have tried multiple USB ports, multiple cables, and multiple computers and nothing works.  The music that is already on there still played, until I finally formatted it out of frustration.  I’ve tried everything I’ve found; keeping it in hold and holding down the center button when connecting it, making sure its on MSC, resetting everything, formatting it, nothing has worked

I’ve tried the updater, which either fails as soon as it try’s installing the update or gets stuck at 1%.  I’ve tried installing the update manually but since the computer won’t recognize it I can’t copy anything to it.  The funny thing is that it shows up in devices as the correct player and even shows how much free space I have on the player and lets me browse the music files.  Its just that I cannot alter anything on it.  Also since it doesn’t show up as a device I cannot disconnect it properly, I have to always reset it by holding up the on button.

Now my old e250 player seems to have the same problem, not being recognized but the player still thinks its connected.  Which makes it incredibly hard to actually disconnect it from the computer.  Actually thought I had nuked the 250 when I removed it without disconnecting.  It sat for two hours locked up with the blue control wheel blinking, and then finally reset itself.  Right now I’m to afraid to do anything with that one as its till works with the music that already on it.

Well I got teh e250 working.  Seems whatever it did when it was stuck reset something.  Now if I could only get the other working.