Clip freezes after songs

I just bought a new Sansa Clip 1G. I found that it regularly freezes at the end of songs. There is no pattern on when it freezes except that it is at the end of the song - it can freeze at the end of a song now, but then next time I play the song it works fine. It happened just after I bought it with .wma files, then I upgraded to the latest firmware and now it happens with .ogg files also. Sometimes it plays one or two songs and freezes, other times it will play several songs before it freezes, but I have not been able to listen to an hour of uninterrupted music. It froze once while listening to the radio, but I have not listened to the radio much.

BTW thanks for the .ogg support. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any further information.

Arggh–frustrating.  I don’t know the answer, but you could try:

1.  Resetting:  on switch in uppermost position for 10-15 seconds.

2.  Reformatting (note:  this will erase your files on the Clip).

3.  Reapply the .20 firmware, and then reapply the .29.  (I know it sounds strange, but that has helped others with other issues–perhaps that could help you as well.)

Perhaps 1 of these will help.

Thanks, I’ll try some of that tonight at home. I think I have done a reset a few times.

I have noticed also that SOMETIMES I can can cause the freeze by pushing a button, like volume or skip. This even happened while the Hold was enabled. Perhaps the problem is with an event - change of songs, button pressed, etc. When this happened while I was listening to the radio, the radio kept on playing, just everything was unresponsive.

I have noticed some more strange behaviour. Once I was playing around, going through the menus and such, and noticed suddenly that the text are not quite right - “Voice” showed up as “ice” and “FM Settings” showed up with some funky characters in place of “FM”. Today I’ve been listening mostly to the radio since I forgot to put some music back on after formatting. The radio plays without a problem if you leave the unit alone. Many times, when I press a button (most notably, pause), the screen goes all funky. The buttons continue to respond, but the display is all messed up, so I try to switch the unit off, then it freezes up on me. Once again, this doesn’t happen consistently enough to draw any conclusions.

To me it sounds like either a buffer overflow corrupting some memory data, or faulty hardware - probably memory but a number of things can cause this behavour. Since few, if any, other people seem to have the same problems I am experiencing I am going to assume it is a faulty unit. I guess that means I’ll try and get a replacement. :slight_smile:

I hope I provided enough information to at least look at the code and check possible problem spots.

You may want to try reinstalling the latest firmware (01.01.29).  If that doesn’t work go back to 01.01.20 (see and then reinstall 01.01.29 (see sticky at top of first page of the Clip forum).  Let us know how it works out.

I tried that last night without luck. :frowning: I went back to 01.01.20, then installed 01.01.29 and tested, but it froze about 10 seconds after I switched it on. So I installed 01.01.20 again to see if that will work, but it froze after the second song. There is nothing wrong with the songs - I can play each of them individually, and I made sure to use .wma files in case it is something with the .ogg code.

I’ll return the unit and hope for the best with the replacement.

Thanks y’all!

Sorry to hear that the trick didn’t work!  Good luck with the warranty return!

I did return my Clip and the new one works like a charm. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help.

Sorry you had the extra hassle; but glad you’re a happy camper now!

This happens with mine too.  

This player has been slightly disappointing.