Clip freezes up when changing from Ogg playlist to MP3 or WMA playlist?

Hi, I just purchased a 2 GB Sansa Clip today (got it on sale at Radio Shack) and so far I love it. I upgraded the firmware, since I have ripped a lot of my music to Ogg Vorbis, and used WMP to export MP3 and WMA playlists and WinAmp to export an Ogg playlist to the Clip and everything plays just fine so far, including a few very low bit rate MP3s of old radio broadcasts from the 1930s and '40s (I collect those and use my portable audio players for those as well as music).

However, I have noticed one apparent glitch. I have the one Ogg playlist on the unit right now, to go along with one WMA playlist and the rest are MP3s. If I am playing that Ogg playlist and want to switch to another playlist by going to the main menu, choosing playlists and then selecting the desired playlist, it freezes the unit up to where I have to do the thing with the on/off switch to unfreeze it. It does not do this if I switch between WMA and MP3 playlists. It freezes up right at the instant where I hit the right arrow to select the new playlist.

Am I missing a step here for what I should be doing when switching to a different playlist (from reading the manual, again I’m just going to the main menu, choosing music, choosing playlists and picking a different playlist … I didn’t see any function for “stopping” the playing track). Or is this a glitch that might need to be taken care of in future firmware updates?

Also, one more weird part of this glitch … when the unit unfreezes, it resumes playing the last MP3 or WMA file that was playing, not the last Ogg file that played afterward.