F/W 01.01.29F and Ogg problem

Upgraded a few days ago to the new f/w and replaced all the WM tracks on my Clip with Ogg to save space.  The annoying thing is that all the playlists (which have been created for the Ogg files) now cause the Clip to freeze.  Happens every time. 

Have now gone back to WM format and all’s fine again, so looks like there may be a problem with the Ogg implementation?

Anyone else having this?

what playlist have you been using ? m3u?

Hi. I’m someone else, but I have a similar issue. I decided not to start a new topic :D.

I just got a 4GB clip. I have an m3u file (sample bellow) with ogg files and it shows up emptywhen I use it with audiobooks.

The audiobooks are oggs, they contain the vorbis comments, they have the Audiobook tag.

I put the playlist right along side the files in a subdirectory of the AUDIOBOOK directory of the root of the player.

The tracks show up in the audio book selection under the music menu. They are out of order when I pick the particular audiobook I want so I would like to use the playlist.

When I go to the playlist selection, the playlist I created shows up, but it is empty. I’ve tried just moving the whole directory with the audio books in it into the MUSIC directory.

I am transfering all the files in MSC mode in Linux. I used Mp3tag to create the m3u files in linux under wine. I tried removing the EXTINF lines but it did not work.

If I put regular music ogg files and a playlist for them in some structure under the MUSIC directory,the playlists work great.

My best guess is that at this point it has something to do with the audio book tag and the processing of those files. What I should try it to convert the audio book into mp3 and see if I get the same problem (I suspect I will?).

Here is the sample:

#EXTINF:690,01 - Harper Audio Presents - Simon Winchester
#EXTINF:727,02 - A Born-Again Science - Simon Winchester
#EXTINF:327,03 - The View From On-High - Simon Winchester

… and so on

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I found a work around to my problem. The problem was I was trying to get a playlist for an ogg audio book to work. The tracks show up correctly but out of order when I go to the audiobook submenu in the music menu. The playlist does show up in the playlist submenu, but it is empty.

The solution was to remove the Audiobook tag and put the tracks with the playlist in the MUSIC subfolder so they are treated as normal music. This works for me since I was using the playlist to play the tracks anyway.