Clip crashes constantly, firmware installer giving me an error message

I have had a ton of trouble with this mp3 player!  When I emailed Tech Support, it took them over 24hr to send me an auto reply that I need to try updating my firmware.  So now I have downloaded the firmware installer and when I try to run it I get an error message.   The message says: “error occured while loading archive”   Tried downloading again, same result.  So irritated!  What can I do to get my clip working?

there is a post at the top of this board with manual FW update instructions. just use that and don’t worry about using the updater. it is more bloatware than anything. 

Thank you I’ll try that.  I’ve also completely wiped the player and started loading songs again to see if that helps.

What exactly is/are your problem(s)? It may or may not have anything to do with the firmware.

you should try the manual method 2 in order to update your FW .this should help