Installer stalled and now nothing works

FM stopped working this a.m., so I decided to update firmware. Installed Updater on my computer and connected the Sansa Clip. Updater froze at 40%. Disconnected it (after 1 hour). Now, no Music, no albums, nothing—except FM ok!  Can’t download music with Windows MediaPlayer.

System Info shows Version = V00.01.30A, Memory 3901 MB

Looking at Clip with MyComputer shows 2 folders: Data and Media. Media has the usual contents, Albums, Music and so on, all empty.  Data contains a single file, DevIcon.fil, 178 KB.

Now what? Firmware clearly not working right but Installer won’t download it again.

Please help, and thanks in advance.

Format your player.

Message Edited by sansafix on 10-08-2008 02:50 PM

Thanks. Format worked and now Clip functions as before (except I have to download about 2GB of music). But why complain, FM, music and Clip sound great!

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Always keep what you put in your portable device in another (if not several) media backup…

Last month I had to put 23 GB of Music, 5 GB of Pictures and some Videos into my PVP twice… because of a Read Access Error with the HDD… (the poor player have suffered some falls)

Anyway dont rely only in one portable drive to have your music…