Clip continously connects & disconnects to my computer.

Just got the 2GB Clip for X-mas. Plugged the USB cable in today and it looked like everything was going along well. “New Device” was found…then “MTP Device” listed. Then the windows message box popped up with the usual choices of open, take no action, etc.

After that I get a continous cycling as if I’m just plugging in my device. I hear the first “connect” sound coming from my computer. The device icon is listed on the bottom right of my task bar. Then the windows box of choices pops up. Abour 5 seconds later I hear the “disconnect” sound from my computer and the cycle continous and I’ll have up to 5 icon listed in my task bar. Nothing stays up long enough to do anything. I’ve downloaded the firmware update.

Any ideas?

ok…you can try this.

Put the device in LOCK mode and Press-n-Hold the center button while plugging in PC to force device into MSC mode.  Then format your device and go to this link      

to get your firmware update and follow the instruction to update your device to the newest firmware and after that, I think it should be fine

Some users have reported they needed to push the USB cable hard into the Clip to get a good connection. If you have another cable you might try that, too.

So I had to call Sandisk tech support. Actually spoke to someone rather quickly. Turns out it was a hardware problem with my USB hub. Never had a problem using it before but when I connected the player directly to my computers USB port everything worked fine.