Very strange behavior when plugged into PC

When I plug my 4 GB Clip into my PC, I can not add any songs to the Music folder, and I get the error message “Cannot copy XXX.mp3: The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected”.  On the Clip’s LCD display, the battery indicator is cycling really really fast from low to med to full battery (My batter power is 75%) status with the word “Connected” at the top.  I also see a picture of the Clip with two arrows pointing torwards a PC. Then every every 5 - 10 seconds the display resets to “SanDisk”, and repeats this cycle.  I downloaded the latest firmware (v 1.01.30A), and I tried resetting the device by holding the power button for 20 seconds, but I have no luck fixing this.  Any ideas??? 

First of all are you making sure your not copying protected files? Secondly if you are you will not be able to copy them. It is possibile that the firmware was incorrect. I would reccomend contacting Sansa if you continue having issues. Also are you using a usb port on your pc or mac?

The display characteristics you see are normal.  The battery icon will roll or strobe when charging, until full, when it is solid.  The connected logo alternates with the SanDisk one as a sort of “screen saver”.  It looks cool, too.

After about one hour, the display will turn off to save the display.

The real issue is the connection.  The Clip is capable of connecting in one of two USB modes, MSC (where it’s seen as a flash drive), or MTP (where it’s seen as a media device).

On the device, you can change this setting to test it out: go to settings > USB mode > MSC and plug in again.

The device should pop up in a Windows Explorer window.  Go to My Computer, or press [Windows Key] + E.  The device will chow as a flash drive., under “devices with removable storage”.

In MTP mode, the Clip will show up under “other”, without a drive letter assigned.  MTP mode is needed for working with Windows Media Player 10 and 11, if you wish to transfer protected media (DRM).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: