Connect and disconnect repeatedly

I’m having trouble with my sansa clip where it disconnects and connects repeatedly while connected to my pc.  I plug it into the usb cable to charge it and add more music, but it repeatedly connects and disconnects without being able to do anything with it.  Has anyone had this happen to theirs?  Thanks for the help.

First, try a different port.

Next, check your communications mode, MSC or MTP.  Try going away from Auto Detect and select MSC or MTP manually.  If you have an earlier operating system, MTP mode may not be supported.  If Auto Detect is selected, it can sometimes get stuck in a loop.

Let us know if this fixes your issue, and which USB mode you are using.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I was having the same issue. Using a different USB port, one on the back instead of on the side, did the trick. Thanks.