charging Sansa Express

How long to produce charging of my Sansa Express?
Will he break off to revive?

Really nobody will answer so?

From nothing, should be about 3-4 hours, maybe longer on a standalone charger than from a USB port. It usually takes me about two hours to charge when I haven’t let it run down.

If you are running Windows XP without SP2 and Windows Media Player 10 or 11, it may not charge. Some USB ports might not provide enough current to charge, especially if other USB devices are drawing from the same PC.

He revives, only I do not know as long to charge him
In fact as I understood at the complete charging an indicator is not stopped

May be this tip will help!


In the Windows Explorer, right click on the Sansa Express icon. then click ‘properties’

In the tab ‘General’  you will see the % charged.


To find out charging times, why not try and find out how long it takes for it to show 100% ?


Do not worry about leaving it on charge for few hours longer.

It won’t damage anything.


BTW. I have noticed that when fully charged, the display changes from ‘Charging’ to ‘Charged’

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Good answer Bluemax, I knew about the properties trick, but not charging and charged. Will have to try that. Thanks…Jack