1GB express How long does it take to charge?

I just got a Sansa express 1GB and I’ve been charging it on the USB for 6 hours. The display still shows the “Charging” sign.

…how long does it usually take to charge this thing up? Does the screen tell me when it’s got a full charge?

ymmv, but my 1gb charges in less than 3 hours.  not sure how much less, i just know it was charged when i returned.  this was from so dead it couldn’t boot up.

my unit’s display continues the charging animation even when it’s done, but the text changes from Charging to Charged.

if your usb port is providing the necessary power and if the 1GB is working, 6 hours is lots longer than expected.


Thanks, I’m guessing it was fully charged way before the 6 hours. Next time I’ll look at the display carefully to see if  it changes. I just did the firmware update so that may help too.