Charge from Socket?


can I charge my Sansa ClipZip 8gb from a power socket by connecting the USB-port to a plug as is delivered with most handphones? 

I have had problems as it  did not seem to be charging. All of a sudden the player was gone.

This would be a handy way to charge the player as the PC does not need to be working…


You can charge it with any USB charger.

Just make sure:  the adapter is rated at 5 V and no more, and 350mA or more. 

Remember to buy the geniune charger,sometimes writing wil be there in the body like " 5 V and no more, and 350mA or more ",but when you put into the socket it will burn out

You mentioned that the “player was just gone” when charging.

The Clip Zip will turn off the display after a short time, to save the display when charging for prolonged periods.  To check charging status, simply give the center button a tap to wake up the display.

Bob  :smiley:

You’ve mentioned that we should buy a “genuine” USB Charger…won’t a generic USB charger do, say… from Walmart? OR is there a USB charger that SANDISK recommends? If so, WHERE can a “genuine” USB charger be purchased? 


No, a “generic” USB charger will be just fine, as long as it is 5V (more volts will blow the player out) and 350 or more mA (500 or more is best). But just take care in the quality of the product–that can vary greatly with these low-cost accessories.

Probably best to ensure whatever one you buy has the UL safety rating though. Some of the el cheapo ones out of China/Hong Kong do not and have been known to fry whatever is plugged into them and/or actually catch fire!

It doesn’t pay to be “penny-wise and pound-foolish”. :wink:

I bought the SANSA wall plug adapter and use my phone cord, works verry well.