What charger does the Sansa Clip Zip take?

Hello: I bought my Sansa Clip Zip player a few years but on the player itself, what charger do I need? The other end would be USB 2.0. For example of what I am asking, micro USB to USB.

Either a computer (preferably a desk-top) with a USB port or one of any number of AC-USB chargers (like for a cell phone).

Like this one from Amazon? Or no? http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00RVYJHAW/ref=mp_s_a_1_9?qid=1435173489&sr=8-9π=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70&keywords=ac-usb+cable

That’s a cord. You asked about a charger. A cord is not a charger. You can use the USB cord that came with the player. All you need is a computer or charger to plug it in to…

Oh, I am very very sorry. I meant what cord do I need not a charger? I really do apologize! :frowning: And yes, I do have a desktop PC, but what cord do I need? Is it micro USB-USB? Is it mini USB-USB?

The Zip has a micro USB connector.

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Thank you!

The cable you linked to would be just fine.  But don’t ignore the cable and charger that came with your smartphone, if you have one:  the plug on the Clip Zip uses a microUSB plug, the standard for cellphones nowadays, and so a current cellphone cable likely will work for the Clip Zip as well. 

One thing to be careful of, with chargers (as distinct from cables):  the charger should be 5 Volts, as more will blow the Clip out.  That is the standard for cellphones nowadays, but some may be different.  Do take care, there, and read the specifications for the charger (usually printed on the charger itself, in tiny print). 

Instead of buying that cable for $6, this $5.49 charger and cable combination is much more versatile. charging using a USB Ac adapter is faster than using a pc to charge. As already mentioned, if you have a micro usb charger for your cellphone, it would be good to use to charge your player. The standard for micro usb chargers is 5 volts. In all likelihood anything with a micro usb connector will be 5 volts, however you might want to check the charger first to make sure it says 5 volts on it before connecting it to the player.


@jk98 wrote:

charging using a USB Ac adapter is faster than using a pc to charge.

Not to nitpick, but it all depends on the power of the charger.  Likely yes, nowadays, given the power of current chargers, but it all depends.  Also, some PCs have charging ports that are more powerful than the regular ports.

I guess my phone could use a micro USB. Well, I could but I don’t. My charger I use is the micro USB 3.0 A-Male to Micro-B. It could use a standard Micro USB. I actually did not believe it so someone I know plugged his phone charger into my Galaxy S5 and it worked, but I use the charger that came with my phone.

The one I linked to is 850 mw.

@jk98 wrote:

The one I linked to is 850 mw.

Just to keep things clear, 850 _ mA _ (microAmps).


“Just to keep things clear, 850 _ mA _ (microAmps).”

Now you made the error. It is 850 milliamps(thousandths of an amp)

Thanks for correcting my correction of your earlier post.

850 mA (milliAmps).