Center of touch pad isn't working right.

I can’t select anything by touching the center of the touch pad. It will do nothing, go up, go down, or to either side. I can’t get into settings to restore to factory defaults and holding the power button down for 25 seconds didn’t do anything. Are there any other options, or should I take it in to get it replaced?

I apologize if this question seems stupid: have you removed the sticker that covers the screen when you first open the package?

The device is pretty old, and the sticker has been removed long ago.

I would let the battery run dead, then see if you can recharge the device. If the device starts working again, perhaps you could consider reinstalling the firmware, hopefully preventing this from happening again.

How do I reinstall the firmware? I downloaded the sansa update software, but there are no updates and I didn’t see any thing to reinstall firmware.

See THIS page for a link to download the firmware, as well as instructions on how to install it. If you don’t have any other Sansa products, you don’t need the Updater, as there will be no more firmware updates for the Fuze+. Just use the manuall method.

Have you tried to Rockbox it to see if that “revives” the center of the touchpad?