Cases for Sansa Clip.

 I am interested in buying a case for the new Clip.   One of the MP3 sites I vist showed DLO Action Jackets to fit a Sansa Clip were available at Best Buy.   THe local Best Buy store and the BB innernet site don’t indicate this.   I sent a note to DLO customer service, Alicia was back to me in less than 10 seconds(Big  Gold Star for their customer service). Alicia says they don’t produce a case now for a clip, and she is unaware of any plans to do so in the future.   Anyone know of cases available, where and how much, for the Clip. Thanks, Jim

I will have to go to my local Best Buy where I saw the case by DLO, take a picture and post it.  I know for a fact that it existed and recall being surprised it was out so soon when even cases for iPods seem to take longer which has a much larger/quicker customer base…not that it is necessarily warranted but it is a fact of market share right now.


This product is not available.  Furthermore, we are the manufacturer and no
word has came down that this product has been produced.

Best Regards,


Customer Relations
Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO)
3871 S. Alston Ave.
Durham, NC  27713
(919) 405-7030 Phone
(919) 405-7035 Fax

Call Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 pm Eastern Time
Toll Free at (866) 800-iPod

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From: Jim_Hughes []
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 11:15 AM
Subject: Action Jacket Cases availability

Dear Sir/Ms:
      Several innernet sites have mentioned DLO has produced an Action
Jacket case for the newly released Sansa Clip MP3 Player.  The report is
this is available at Best Buy.  My local Best Buy and the BB site don’t show
this item. Your web site doesn’t list it either.  Can you please advise if
there is a case available from you to protect the new Sansa Clip.  If so how
can I go about purchasing 2 of these items for my clips?  Thanking you in
advance for your information and courtesy in this matter, I remain:
Cordially, Jim


Sibion:     Here is the note I got from DLO about the case.    I’m pretty confused.  Thanks for  shooting a photo of it.  If it’s not too much trouble could you get a bar code product # ?  That way I can request my local BB order it for me, or try to find it on BB website.  Thanks, for all your efforts, Jim

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In an effort to avoid uploading too many picture and duplicating the effort here is a link to some pictures I took and loaded on anythingbutipod of the case that doesn’t exist according to the company that makes it.


     I had no doubt you were accurately describing what you saw.   I’ll keep bugging the local BB to see if they can get it for me.  If you go to BB any time soon, don’t make a special trip, you’ve been more than helpful enough as it is, could you get a product #.  BB says with that they can order it for me.  Another thought is to list  the phone # of your BB and I can call them and orderit with my funny money card.  Thanks for all your help.   I hope the Audiobooks thing gets worked out for you.  The Missus is using a  Zen Ston Plus with Library Audio Books in th gym to big success.   She is one happy camper vs using her Zen Touch.

You might cionsider that for a fall back plan.   Thank you again, you’ve been more than kind helping me out. Jim


Great idea, if I am near a BB I will stop in and get the product code so others (including you) can bug BB to see how they can get you one.  You can also call the store in Bellevue, WA as that is the one that I have seen it at.


Sibion:     Thank you so much for the info.   I go nuts perusing the innernet trying to find cases for the non Ipod mp3 Players that strike my fancy.  I thought that there would never be one for the clip. I was ecstatic when I discovered your comment about one.   Now if VenZero will come out with one  for the MINI I’ll be fixed for life.   Found a Brit site which had one for the S-10 from I-River.   I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for all your efforts.   I’ll call  Washington now and see if I can get it shipped out. Thanks, Jim

Here is the information I jotted down about the DLO Action Jacket.

SKU: 8578023

Product Number: 002-6001

Product Name: AJ Sansa Clip-BLK

Good luck to all.


     Thank you so much for the info .  I’ll be calling the local BB first thing in am to get on this.  You have been a tremendous help.  Let me know if I can ever do anything in returm, Jim

Here is a link to it on the best buy site.  Hope this helps some people.


     Thank you so much for pulling up the BB web page with the case on it.  I used the name, product number and SKU # last nite on both the BB and DLO sites.  I got a no such animal reply.  So I Emailed both BB and DLO customer Service asking them how I can get 2 for my 2 clips.  Now all I have to do is hurry up and wait.  Thank you and Sibion for doing all the leg work for me.   I was drawing a blank on the BB/DLO site, I just don’t know why.  Both of you were obviously smarter than I. Thanks, Jim

Here’s a basic, seemingly nice silicone case for the Clip, at a reasonable price $5.99 (shipping included right now, no less).  They also sell various power supplies for the player.; black, smoke, clear, light blue, light pink, light green.  Also available through


     Thanks for the source. I do need a case and a charger to go with an Xmas present Clip.  The prices are better than the DLO case at BB and the Zen Stone Charger I’m using to charge my clip and Stones.  I appreciate the information and leads, Jim

From what I read in the forums here, Motorola Razr chargers seem to work with the Clip.  There are some rather seemingly decent ones through marketplace sellers, where the chargers with shipping come to $5-$6 for each, a nice deal.

eBay has a number of cases for the Clip at very reasonable prices.  Check out the link below for a direct link to a search for Sansa Clip Cases.

Just received a silicone case for my Clip.  A nice deal at $5.99 (includes shipping, and there’s a 10%-off code on the store’s opening webpage right now), received in 4-1/2 days.  Is the same silicone case you see at other sites, put out by kiq Products. 

The volume side of the case covers the volume control, but there is a hole for your earphones; the on switch side has a cut-out going from the bottom of the on switch to the top of the USB port.  Nice construction and fit, and some small details.  And at least the translucent colors allow the glow of the Clip to shine through the case.  

All controls are easily usable with the case on.  The display itself is not covered by the case; I think I’ll put a small piece of screen protector over that.  Recommended.

Has anyone tried any of the accessories for the Clip available on ebay? Just curious…

The above price for the case, with free shipping, beats everything on eBay (and they all seem to be the same silicone cases) …

Thanks for the link for the silicone case.  With free shipping, the price is right.

It’s funny because the same case on amazon from the same company costs the same but with an added $7.50 in shipping charges.  I appreciate the link.  You saved me some money.  :slight_smile:

Yeah, the pricing is all over.  If I recall correctly, if you order the 3-pack thru Amazon (AC and DC chargers, and case), it is cheaper than through the store’s website directly.

The price at the store is great, especially with the free shipping (when you see the case, mailed in a plastic mailing bag, you’ll see why low or free shipping makes sense).  And this seems to be the same case as sold by everyone else on the Internet, silicone case-wise, and much cheaper, given the free shipping.  I good, solid purchase.  (And I’ll look into buying other items from the seller, who proved to be fast and dependable.)