Silicone Cases Now Avaliable for the Clip+

Saw this when perusing eBay:


Will probably be cheaper down the line, but at least it’s something!

Nice find–was wondering when these would be coming out, and found them in clear, gray, black, light blue, pink and green silicone cases.  (Just search for Sansa Clip Plus case at ebay; found them at ebay U.S. and UK, at the least.)

A bit homely, at first glance, but I think they start to grow on you.

I still think that it’s kind of unnecessary, like with the old Clip. But for the people that must have one, good to see it exists.:smiley:

there now on amazon too for 9 bux including shipping, with a headphone wrapping keychain:

i just bought mine

Nice find and deal!  And right now, there seems to be a promotion that you get $5 in Amazon MP3 downloads with your purchase, if you use 1-click ordering–nice perk!

Just received this silicone case in the mail today that I ordered last week:

Skque Clip+ Silicone Case

I had a similar case for my original Clip, but this case is much better.  It’s quite thin and gives a good grippy feel to your device.  If you like silicone cases for your players, I can heartily recommend this one.

Is there any for the UK?

I would check on eBay, which has (I believe) the same case, which ships internationally.