Sansa® Clip Zip and Clip+ Mini Travel Case

I’m in the UK and would really like a travel case for my Sansa Clip+, as it is exactly what I’m looking for. However the case doesn’t seem to be sold on the UK site and the US site doesn’t ship internationally - does anyone know of any third party sellers who might ship to the UK?

(I did contact SAndisk about this, but never received a reply)

And what, exactly, do you mean by a “travel case”?  If you go on eBay, you can find silicone cases for the Clips.

If you mean something bigger, you might check out USB memory stick cases; a smaller one works well for a Clip and has enough depth.   

He means this

I checked on Amazon UK and unfortunately there isn’t nearly the selection of anything remotely close to what Amazon offers in the US. We really have it good here. They didn’t have any of these mini-travel cases, but I did fiind something similar on eBay and it looks like they ship to the UK.

At least for awhile, Radio Shack in the U.S. was selling the Sandisk-branded case.  You might want to check similar electronics stores in your area. 

@tapeworm wrote:

He means this


I’ve got one of those cases, in black. Pretty handy for the Zip and some cards, even if my headphones won’t fit in it.

Thanks for all the replies - yes the interior shot makes it look even handier  the slots for the cards would be very handy, and it would attach to my headphones bag nicely.

Anyway looks like I can’t get hold of it in the UK so I’ll look at alternatives - there is a nice one on