sansa clip accessories

i have an older sandisk sansa clip–not the plus–i have lost the clip on the back-does anyone know where i can find either a replacement or the action jacket with belt clip?  i went to best buy online & they had an action jacket with belt clip & armband but it is no longer available & have checked online–thanks

The Action Jacket for the Clip comes with an armband but no clip–the Clip’s clip fits through the Action Jacket.  According to the BB website, it’s available at some stores (you can check availability at the BB website).±+Action+Jacket+Case+for+SanDisk+Sansa+Clip+MP3+Players±+Black/8578023.p?id=1190676635745&skuId=8578023&st=sansa clip action jacket&cp=1&lp=2

Even better, has a couple in stock (open box, but new condition) for $4.56 + s/h – nice deal, even with the s/h.

Also available at and ( has it thru and you save on s/h by getting it that way –

The clips themselves are available at the SanDisk online store.

Hope this gives you some options and helps–