I am the destroyer of Clips, please help!

I love my Sansa Clips, in fact I have purchased 4 and destroyed the clip part on all four.    Two were broken by weights clipping them on the way down (Understandable) the other two were broken by catching on the corner of gym equipment as I walked by.

Does anyone know of a case I can purchase to put the clip in that has it’s own clip on it?   I know it is an odd request but it seems wasteful to keep buying Clips!

Note: So far I have destroyed three Clips and one Clip+.

And 10 more minutes of searching finds that I can buy replacement clips!


Sorry for the noise

Scratch that, they only seem to be for the Clip and not the Clip+.   Not a huge deal I guess I can at least replace my non-+ Clip…

Various manufacturers make armbands with generic cases/pouches on them (the pouches tend to be closed–that is, there is no see-through feature).  You could check at a store like Best Buy, Radio Shack or Frys.com.  I believe I’ve seen this from DLO or Belkin (or maybe Kensington). 

And here’s one from Meritline.com, at a whopping $1.99 shipped (!) (and I’ve seen it on “special”/promotion at Meritline for under fifty cents, believe it or not, including shipping–Meritline constantly/hourly is running small item promotions of this type, which can be fun to follow, as listed at its website launch page and in periodic emails you can register for).  It can be used on the included armband or attached to clothing (or anything ese) via the included caribiner clip (the armband and clip probably make it worth the price alone).  It seems to appear larger than it is–the listed measurements make it seem just big enough for the Clip.  Meritline tends to ship out of Asia, and so shipping can be 1 - 2-1/2 weeks, but I’ve found it to be dependable.


And a couple from Case Logic, at $9.99-$14.99.  (Case Logic sells these at its website, caselogic.com; bhphotovideo.com also has the first for under $12 shipped–great price.) 



Funny but, although the first case says that it is compatible with the Clips and has different pictures showing a Clip in it, one of the reviewers says that it is too small for the Clip.  (?!?)  The first one also has a clear front so that you can reach the Clip’s front controls (but not the side volume/on-off controls, unfortunately, unless they can be pressed through the fabric).  This first case really looks nice and professionally done, and at least as pictured, looks like it was made for the Clips–it actually looks like it should be sold in the Sansa Store as a Clip accessory.

Thank you for the response, it is greatly appreciated!   I will take a look at such generic cases as see what I can find.


dlo is the best brand for that. i bought 2 armbands,one for the clip and one for the fuze. i’d reccommend the dlo for that armband. ps.i lose my clip alot so it comes in handy.

I keep my Clip + in a Lowepro Ridge 10 micro camera case that I got at Staples.  It’s a little “large” for the Sansa but it has pockets for the memory cards, and earbuds.  Slips on a belt and is ruggfed as hell

i’ve dropped mine so many times but my case protects it and so far it  dosen’t have a ny scratches .

i own a blue 2gb clip i got it in 2008