Cant Transfer Voice Records

Hi, im a bassist in a metal band and we actually use my clip to make rough recordings of our music. Before i recently reformatted my PC harddrive i was able to simply copy and paste the voice recorded wav files from my clip. But now it seems the clip has installed itself to my computer as a MTP Music Device. I cannot see my clip in My Computer but can transfer music from media players. These media players allow uploading to the clip but will not download it. So my voice records are trapped! Thank you in advance for your reply.

On your clip, choose settings > usb mode > MSC.

Now you should be able to connect to your device and view with windows explorer.  

 um…in the clips settngs? i dont see usb mode. is this done on the pc or by turning on the clip? sorry

nevermind thankyou for your reply kind sir. I updated my firmware as i suspected the problem. Your advice was right.