Saving Voice Recording

I cannot save the voice recording to the computer.  I also wish to save the recording to a disk.  The manual does not elaborate on how to do voice recordings.

Voice recording saved on clip+; USB shows connected to the computer.

What steps am I not performing?

When the player is connected to your computer, you should be able to copy the file on your player and paste it onto where you want on your computer–just like copying and pasting a file on your computer. 

Note that you have to have the voice recording first, which is made on your player alone.  You cannot use the player to record a voice recording to your computer directly.

I am not getting Voice on the computer page that I did last time.  I have recorded my voice on the Sansa, but it is not being received on the computer.

The first time I did it, I was some how able to get in on the computer, then finally play it back, then I transferred it to a disk.

I cannot duplicate the steps.

Any other suggestions?

Again, note that you have to have the voice recording first, which is made on your player alone.  You cannot use the player to record a voice recording to your computer directly.  See p. 21 of the User Manual for instructions on how to make a voice recording on the Clip+ (same for the other Clips as well).±en-um.pdf


1.  Connect your player to your computer.

2.  Using your computer, open up the Clip player drive and navigate within the player to where the files you want to put onto your computer are stored–for voice recordings, if I recall correctly, there is a recordings folder (it’s been awhile).  

3.  Select (so that they are highlighted) the files/folders you want to put on your computer; you can select as many as you want.

4.  Right click on what you just selected and chose copy.  (Alternatively, in the menu at the top of the window, choose edit and then copy.)

5.  Open a window for your computer for where you want to put the file/folder copies.  (Note that for the computer’s Desktop, you don’t have to open a window–just treat, for the next step, the Desktop itself as a window.) 

6.  Right click on an empty space in the window and choose paste.  (Alternatively, in the window menu at top, choose edit and then past.)


Thank you, but I am not getting the word “voice” that I got before.  I followed your steps to the T.

Everything you said worked, except I am not getting the transfer of my recording to the computer.

Sorry, but I just am not following what the issue you are having is.  Perhaps you can explain in more detail what the issue is, and what steps you exactly are doing. 

I record my voice on the sansa clip+.  I then connect to the USB port on the computer.  The sansa clip shows as connected
and is on the computer drive selections.

I am not getting my recording to transfer from the sansa to the computer. I double click on the internal memory file which brings up a list of files, one of which says record.  I double click on it and then all I get is the FM file showing. 

 The first time I did this, it showed the word voice next to the FM file. So the problem:  I am not transferring my recording to the computer through the connection.

OK, the issue may be, you don’t double-click on the file you want to transfer–typically, that (double-clicking) gets a file to play.  Rather (see the earlier steps above), simply right click (a single click using the right mouse button) on the file you want to copy, choose copy from the menu you then get, right click on an empty spot on your computer desktop or in an open window where you want to put the file, and then choose paste.  That should do it!   :slight_smile: