sansa to hard drive transfer

bought a new sansa clip, attached it to a pc, downloaded some music, unplugged it & plugged it to a second pc, can’t see the music in player mode, can’t figure out how to copy it to HD in media player, and when in storage device mode, i don’t see the music files although explorer tells me the sansa is almost full. what 2 do? :((

The computer will only see files transferred under the current USB mode.  I’m guessing the files were loaded under MTP on the first computer and the second computer is connecting under MSC.

You can try forcing the Clip to connect in MTP mode by explicitly selecting MTP instead of Auto.  If that doesn’t work then it probably means something is wrong with the MTP setup on the second computer.  Make sure you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed as that’s what installs the MTP support.  If it still doesn’t work, we’re going to need more details about your computer (OS, WMP version, etc.).