Can't get the converter to work.


I got a Sansa e280 for Christmas, downloaded Sansa Media Converter 2, but it just won’t start up! It keeps crashing with the “Sansa media Converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.” error. So I don’t know what to do!

Is there any other converters out there that will work easily and let me put photos and videos to my Sansa e280?

Thanks in advance,

Edit: I just re-installed (For a 9th time) and I manage to open the program without it crashing, though it seems to not detect my player. (Image below)

I really am frustrated and tired of this, can someone please point me towards a viable solution?

Edit 2: Okay, I just plugged my player and the converter just randomly opened and detected it, but before I could start uploading pictures and videos, I got the error again:“Sansa media Converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.”
I am literally desperate now. Please help!

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Hi, I’ve being after this bug all evening, here’s what I’ve come up with

I have reinstalled for a third time this converter


Try it!

Execute it with your player not connected

Then start the sansa media converter 2 (yes number 2)

then plug in your e280, it worked for me … of course I have installed all the previous fixes (ie v03.01.14A via the update file)

anyway good luck hope it works out for you

have a nicer day!


Forgot to tell you, Vista gives me a **bleep**ting hard time!!!


Thanks, I’ll try that right away, but tell me first; what do you mean by “all the previous fixes”?

Sincerely yours,

Those are firmware updates.  Download Sandisk’s firmware updater and follow instructions there…

Good luck!