Sansa media converte error sansa e280 8g

I have purchased a Sansa e280  8 gb player and installed the latest versions of your software from your website (Version 1.0 B004.236CDG for media Converter).


Media Converter will load my videos using “Add Media” and play without problem. When I click the Convert button the conversion dialog box appears, but then I get an error message every single time. I have tried over a dozen videos of all different types (AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4) from multiple different sources - all with the same result.


The Windows error message says:

“Sansa Media Converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.”


When I click on “To see what data this error report contains”, I get the following details (exactly the same each time):

“AppName: sansa media converter.exe  AppVer:  ModName: dsread.dll
ModVer:  Offset: 0000af64”


Then, when I close the error dialog box, the following message occurs:

“Sansa Media Converter,exe - Application Error
The instruction at “0x73dd11c7” referenced memory at “0x00000004”. The memory could not be “read”.”


You have to leave the Sansa plugged in while it converts, and you might try installing quicktime (if you don’t have it alread,) then restarting the computer.

i am getting the same message. i really need some help.


I bought sansa e280 8g, exact same as your two days ago and have spent so much time trying to register on the site but I am having such a hard time registering.  On the help manu, it says to lick on to register but after clicking on the lick it said the page not connected; but I am connected to the internet. 

What site address/link did you go on to register?  or, do I need to register in order to have the unit work?  I bought a refurbished unit so it didn’t come with a cd or instruction and i cannot find anything for e280 on sansa site.

Hope you/someone can help me out,

Thanks so much for your time,


Frusted -

You don’t have to register in order to be able to use your player. You’ll probably want to start off with the User’s Guide, maybe a tour through the How-To videos SanDisk has created to help people unfamiliar with the product do certain tasks, and then have a look at the FAQ. This will answer a lot of . . . well, f requently a sked q uestions (hence the name) you may be wondering about. If not now, possibly in the future.

Depending on your model and the firmware version installed on it, you may want to update the firmware. It’s a good idea to. There are 3 different models on your player (v1, v2 & Rhapsody) and a firmware version for each. The posts describing them and containing links to the downloads are at the top of the e200 board in shaded posts called ‘stickies’. Meaning they are ‘stuck’ there and won’t move, so they can always easily be found. Don’t bother installing the Sansa Updater. It’s easy enough to do manually, and since there won’t be any further updates for this model, it’s silly to install it for a 1-time use.

Finally for dessert, I recommend a generous helping of the Sansa e200 series board. This is like a smörgåsbord. Plenty of variety and all you can eat. :smileyvery-happy:

After you push yourself back from the table, burp a couple of times and digest, feel free to ask any un-answered question you may have. You’ll probably want to do this in the afore-mentioned e200 board as that’s where people who can help you with your player hang out. :wink:

Welcome to the forum and have fun!