Can't find music files in Windows Explorer

I own a e260 4GB Sansa and I’m running Windows XP on my computer.

When I go into Windows Explorer and open up the SANSA drive when it’s connected,  I find the following files: Photo, Record/fm/voice, tmp, VIDEO, FONT, VERSION, version.sdk, and wmp inof .

Clicking through all files, I cannot find ANY of my music files. Yet when you right click and go to Properties tab, it shows that the drive is 75% full.

Navigating in the Sansa, I can go to artist, albums etc, and find all the music and play it, but I cannot access those music files through Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player to add or delete files. ARGH! HELP! 

Why am I missing the MUSIC folder listing in Windows Expoler? 

Thank you for any help you can share on this issue.


The Music folder is a ‘hidden’ folder. Why? I dont know, but it is. So you have to tell Windows to “show hidden files and folders”. You can do this by opening Explorer, click on Tools | Folder Options… and click on the View tab. Scroll down until you find the radio button (round) under Hidden Files and Folders. :smiley: