Can't find copied podcasts on Clip

When the Clip is connected to my computer, I can see the podcast mp3 files I’ve copied to the clip.  But when I use the Clip on its own, the Podcast folder shows as “empty.” How can I find and play my podcasts on the Clip? Thanks.

Did you copy them to the podcast folder on the player? If not, then did you set the genre to podcast? Those are the ways to get files to show up on the player in the podcast section.

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I copied them to the podcast folder, and they are visible in that folder from a computer that the clip is attached to…but they’re not visible under “podcast” (or anywhere) when using the clip independently.

what type of file are the podcasts

Are the ID3 tags for the files filled in?  If not, you may want to try that–for some reason, the Clip isn’t picking them up to display.

Also, do you have the latest firmware?  The latest (and going back a few versions) should pick up files put into the Podcasts and Audiobooks folders, regardless of the presence or not of ID3 tags.

Are the podcasts in a format the Clip supports? What format are they in? What bitrate? Are the files deeply nested(ie. in folders that are in folders?) The Clip might not see them if they are too deeply nested. How many “songs” do you have on your player? I think with the latest firmware the Clip  supports up to 2,000 “songs”?

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