Certain mp3 files not recognized by Sansa Clip?

I have a variety of mp3 files loaded onto my Sansa Clip (at least, I can see them when I browse through its folders when it’s plugged into my computer), but when I try to view or play the files on the clip itself, certain mp3 files don’t show up. All of the files I have are radio shows, all in .mp3 format. However, certain shows won’t show up (in particular, NPR: Fresh Air won’t show/play, but other NPR shows will…). The ones that won’t play are no bigger than the others. Does anyone know what the problem is or how I can troubleshoot?

The Clip shows information on the unit using the file’s ID3 tags.  Is that information filled in for you “missing” podcasts?

I’m new to the clip but I found out that podcasts will not show up in the Music folder so I put them in the Podcast folder and they work fine.

  Good luck