Cannot See Files on Sansa Clip+

I purchased the Sansa Clip+ because was easy to operate but I am so frustrated I could flush the Clip+> I have spent an hour syncing mp3 files (Podcasts) to the Clip+. I can see the uploaded files in WMP11 but I do not see the files on the Sansa Clip+. When I reconnect the Clip to my computer, sure enough, Explorer and WMP11 says the files are on the Clip and it is sync up with WMP11. I can sync up and see music files on the Clip but I cannot see audio files/podcasts/mp3 files. How do I find the newly sync files on my Clip+, mp3 formated files. This is riduculous. I had a Rio that had no problem seeing any mp3 file from any source and now this. This should not be this complicated!!! 

I’m sorry to ask this but have you checked it under Music > Podcast section of the player? If they are indeed not showing at all you might find the solution on this thread.

The Sansa line of mp3 players look for the ID3 tags embedded within the audio file itself for the track information to catalogue and display. A lot of podcasts don’t have these, or they’re the wrong format.

So you can either edit the tags so they will be seen, or simply scroll down in the Music menu until you come to Folders, and probably find them that way (by file name).

The files are mp3 files. not really podcasts. I have moved the files to the Music folder and the files syncronize according to WMP11 and the Clip. I cannot see the files on the Clip. If I have to go through the suggestion on the thread, I will return the Clip. The mp3 files are recognized by WMP, Media Monkey, and a 6 year old Rio Chiba. If the Clip cannot recongnize the files, there is an issue with the Sansa Clip. The suggestion is the thread is great for people who want to know this information but I just want to connect, sync, and listen to mp3 files. The Clip should recongnize the files immediately.

You may be missing what was said above.  The Clips, like many other players, display info. in the database (the album, artist, etc. listings) via the files’ ID3 tags–the reason to tag your files.  This has become something of a modern standard–there is nothing “wrong” with the Clips.

Now, some other solutions (apart from tagging your files):

–  On the Clip+ under the Music listing, near the bottom, is a Folders listing, which is similar to folder navigation on your computer.  You should be able to find your podcasts easily that way–no ID3 tagging needed.

–  If you put your podcasts or audiobooks into the Clips’ Podcasts or Audiobooks folders, even if the files have not been tagged, the Clips’ database wll show the files using the files’ folder and file names.  Likewise if the files are stored elsewhere on the Clips but the files’ Genre ID3 tag is set to Podcast or Audiobook.

Hope this helps–