Can't activate ExpressCache because GUI crashes


installing ExpressCache hardware & software worked without errors.

The SSD shows up in Device and Disk Manager. 

ExpressCache service shows up in Task Manager.

Starting the ExpressCache-GUI from Desktop shows the SplashScreen,

but when the GUI rises, it looks empty and instantly crashes. So I’m not

able to enter the activation code or set up anything.

System: Windows 7 64bit with IE9 and dotnet 4.5

What can I do?

OK, after some hours of deinstalling, reinstalling, booting and trying out different BIOS settings, AHCI drivers and

dotnet versions (without any outcome…), I found out that I had the same “simple” problem as described in this thread:

After deleting a strange key with some abnormal symbol as key name in the registry under

“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones”

the ExpressCache-GUI is working and I was able to activate the software.

There remain a few questions:

  • Where does this strange registry key comes from?

  • Why is it blocking the ExpressCache-GUI?

  • The ExpressCache-GUI seems to be not a “real” software, but some kind of InternetExplorer window

   dependent on ActiveX-PlugIns and the funny IE security settings. I doubt that this can be called  good

   programming practice nowadays…