Black Application Screen


After install the software, I have always a black screen. 

What can I do? Re-installtion don’t fix the problem

Thanks for your feedback!




   What version of Windows are you using? What language/local is it set to? What version of .NET is installed?



Windows 7 64-bit,

CH-DE / Switzerland, German

I take a look into the registry:





Do you have any idea?



I know this sounds like a weird questions but by any chance do you have Internet explorer uninstalled/disabled under Windows features? this software GUI actually uses some of the base components of IE so removing IE could cause issues. 


uninstalling expresscache

enabeling internet explorer under “Turn Windows features on or off”

then after reboot try installing expresscache again. 

If you have IE then can you run the following command from the command promt.

change directory to system 32

cd c:\windows\system32

Once you are in the system32 directory run the following command

eccmd -info

and post the results.  

I’m also having this issue.  Is there a solution?  

I checked my Windows Features and it has Internet Explorer 9 checked, so it’s active.

I get the exact same black screen that the other fellow does.  I’m using Win7 x64, English.  This is what your command request gives me:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>eccmd -info
ExpressCache Command Version
Copyright⌐ 2010-2012 Condusiv Technologies.
Date Time: 11/30/2012 13:39:39:3 (GOLIATH #1)

EC Cache Info

No valid license is installed.


After thinking about drlucky’s comment about the interface being tied to Internet Explorer, I decided to explore the preferences settings under “options” in Windows Internet Explorer (IE) and found that I had my settings set ridiculously high for security and had shut off a bunch of options in the multimedia section.  After resetting all of the IE settings to medium security and standard preferences, nothing changed.  

Then I closed IE down and did a reboot, and the Sandisk software interface worked.  

So if you’re having a black interface screen, check your IE settings and make sure it’s working properly.  That’s definitely the culprit.

Weird that the security settings would prevent the display of the text. 

Can anyone else give this a try and let us know if it works for you?