Black screen always come up after installation???

Hi, Every time when I turn on the PC, why does the black screen always come up like I didn’t turn off the PC properly . I have to click “turn on the computer normally” everytime to have the PC booted up??? Thx

can you be a little more spicific about the black screen? are you seeing the Start windows normally screen? do you ahve the GUI open when you are shutting down? i ahve been running this since right after release on one of my PC and have never seen the issue. 

if you uninstall the software does the issue go away?

-Thanks for the prompt reply.


-Yes, I see the “Start Windows Normally” screen.


-I had tried both with and without the GUI opened when shut down or reboot but the result is the same.


-As you suggested to uninstall the ExpressCache software, the black screen is gone now when reboot. 


-Questions:1)Would the 32gb SSD still work to speed up my PC without the installed software? 2)or you have other suggestions.


Many thx.

No the software has to be installed in order for you to get any benefit