Cannot go forward or backward in Audiobook Chapters after Firmware upgrade

I have upgraded my Fuze to the 2.03.33 Firmware version and now I am unable to go forward or backward in chapters of audiobook. I was able to do this prior to upgrade. Please advise  thanks.

Here is a link to 2.03.31 if you want to try a downgrade.

You can see how that link is constructed, so you can also try substituting other version numbers–2.02.2x (X for whatever you want to try) --to find other versions.  

Download the file, unzip it, drag FuzeA.bin onto the driveletter for the Fuze.

Upgrading the firmware resets many of your personal settings.  I’d check out the audiobooks settings first to make sure there’s not something there that got reset.

If it’s a new book which just happened to coincide with upgrading the firmware, I’d make sure the book is properly tagged & in the audiobooks folder.

Reset your Chapter settings. Updating the firmware will change it back to the default (as previously mentioned).

I appreciate your patience… it worked… thank you

Thank you for the info… will try reseting my settings first, then explore this if that does not work.

Thanks again.