Having troubles with new firmware, how to go back?

I use my fuze to play “learn french” CD’s with very short (2 minute) tracks.  I am constantly skipping back and forth tracks to repeat what they said.  Unfortunately, the “go back to previous track” button doesn’t seem to be working for audiobooks right now, and I’d like to try going back to the old firmware to see if it’s the fuze or something in how I ripped and tagged my CD.  (the track numbers are there, so I think it’s the firmware).

How do I go back?


just search for the firmware thread

Manually install 1.02.26

Thanks for the link to the instructions.  It turned out that the CD didn’t work on the old firmware version, either.  So, I reloaded one that I knew for sure used to work, and *that* didn’t work, either.  It turns out that I needed to turn “Ch. Mode”  to “On” in the Settings menu for Audiobooks in order to navigate tracks the way I wanted to.

When I put the new version of the firmware back on (since that wasn’t the problem) the “Ch. Mode” automagically turned itself off again.  I set it back on and everything is working.