Pushing 'forward' button to skip to next audio file doesn't work with audio books.

Hi All,

My first problem I can’t figure out on my own. I did a search through old posts using various keywords and couldn’t find this one. 

-Sansa Fuze Ver-1…

-Newest firmware as of 12/27/09

-MSC Mode

I buy audio book CD’s then rip them to MP3 so I can listen to them on the Fuze. I put all the MP3’s for the book in one directory, I use Mp3tag to set up track numbers, title, author and such then I drag the folder to the ‘audiobook’ folder on the Fuze.

I start playing the first file and most things work fine. The file plays and I can FF or REW within that file. When that file is over, the Fuze advances to the next file on its own. Bookmarking works fine. When I try to use the ‘forward’ button to skip to the next file though, nothing happens. If I try to use the ‘back’ button to go to the previous file, nothing happens. Very strange.

The button works fine when I’m listening to music MP3’s. I can skip forward or back through the tracks normally. The same is true with podcasts.

I don’t normally skip past audio book tracks but sometimes I will if I’m losing interest in the book and hope to find something more interesting on a following track.

Thanks in advance for any help with this one.


Generic audiobooks function a wee bit differently than Audible.  The new audiobook feature, allowing any playable type, still has the cool Chapter mode option, though it functiond differently than while playing an Audible book.

Audible files have chapter breaks that can be selected within the main book part.  “Regular” audiobooks simply have chapter-tracks.  Try selecting the Chapter mode; it affects skipping between your tracks.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’ll try it today.

Thanks neutron Bob!

Your advice inspired me to create a new folder on the Fuze called ‘Books’. I put an MP3 audio book in there and fiddled with playback, bookmarking, FF and REW and skipping through tracks. Everything worked!

I’ll save the ‘Audiobooks’ folder for the Audible versions.

Thanks again. 


I put an MP3 audio book in the stock ‘Audiobooks’ folder and changed the chapter mode, as you suggested, and I can skip forward and back through the files just fine.

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