Playing Audiobooks in order

I want to buy a Fuze, but need a question answered first.  Does the Fuze play audiobooks in order by files?  Or does it only go by tags?  I have a Sansa e280, but need another mp3 player for my father.  I had to hack the e280 with Rockbox in order to get it to play files in order.  So I just want to know if this has been fixed with the Fuze, or do I need to buy a different player?  I like the idea of being able to play audiobooks at a faster pace.

Thanks in advance! 

hmm. . .  quick question, what do you mean by in order?  

the fuze introduces a new heirarchy that e200 didn’t have.  it organizes the audiobooks by the album tag (which would be the book title), than past that it’ll organize by tracks tag (part number, chapters, sections, etc).

It won’t play from one book to the next book, if that is what your inquiring. 


Thanks for the reply, no, I don’t mean from book to book, but I think you answered my question anyway.  I mean if the file name is 001.mp3, 002.mp3, etc.  Sansa players will play them like this… 001.mp3, 010.mp3,011.mp3.  Which is extremely annoying for an audiobook obviously.  The only players that I know of that play in proper order are the Archos players, and Hacked Rockbox operating system players.  I guess Sansa still has not fixed this then? 

hmm I haven’t had that problem where the device plays them in that order (001, 010, 011) cause your forcing the alpha order. I’d understand if they did that if you had named them (1, 10,11) with out the preceeding 0s.

But anyways. I did a test for ya. I renamed 11 files with the name 001, 002, 003, etc to 011. All were mp3s and had no id3 tags.

transfered into the audiobook section, and had let them played. they all played in order from 001 to 011. Note you cannot manually skip to the next track, but it will go to the next track automatically if it finishes playing the current track.

hope that info is helpful to ya. 

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I had it happen also. It was when the book was loaded under music folder and I played from the recent selection I think, but when I went to the folder titled by the author they played in order.

I want to put audiobooks on my player but  how do I put the audio books into the audiobook file on the player?

May I ask what application you are using to transfer the audiobook?  otherwise you can navigate to the device’s root and you should see some folders (audiobooks, music, podcast, photo, video). drag n drop your audiobooks (mp3 or wma format) into the audiobook folder.

Really need help on my new Sansa Fuze I bought. I downloaded some audiobooks from Netlibrary using our public library but I can’t download to my sansa Fuze using WMP 11. Either I bought the wrong product or I’m just confused as to how to make it work. The audiobooks plays on my computer but I can sync to my player. Please help. Thanks in advance!

hi, I believe netlibrary saves the audiobooks in a specified folder. if you’ve already tried transfering with wmp11 and it didn’t work, I’m wondering if netlibrary has to license those music to play on your device. does the netlibrary application allow you to perform transfer to your Fuze? 

why can’t you skip to the next track?  would we be better putting the files under the Music folder to give us basic control?  

Why would you need to skip?  If you need a big jump, Down > Back to Audio-books > Select Track.

If you need just a few minutes, you can just hold down the direction, and the scan speed accelerates.

If you are using Audible, the files are chapter marked.  With those, you can double-tap the direction you want to move in, and it will skip for you. 

why would you need to skip?  that’s a dumb question.  The idea is to be able to play whatever the heck I want.  Is that too much to ask of my own personal player ?

Well, it was my belief that the reason was to provide a simple usable interface that is intuitively applicible to the largest section of the userbase.

For instance, I feel no need to “skip”.  I’ve been listening to the full “Wheel of Time” series by Robert Jordan on audiobook since I got my Fuze, and operate as I’ve described above… with no issues whatsoever. 

well the reason for not skipping is a fail safe to do with the length of audiobooks. let say you were listening to chapter 1 and it was 50 minutes long, and all of a sudden you accidently skipped to the next chapter. going back to the first chapter you’d have to search your way through where you  lost your point. 

so it’s dumb user protection.  the left and right buttons are there to let you go to the next and previous track,  it’s dumb to turn them off for stupid users.

Stupid users?  So I guess you haven’t accidentaly hit a button while it’s in your pocket?

I think the current implementation is a reasonable method.  You don’t.  Sandisk’s dev did.  End of story, no use complaining about it here.

also I think it is by audible specification.  audible audiobooks are the entire book segemented. pressing left and right skips to the next segment or chapter. however if skip buttons were to skip to next book, you’d never be able to skip chapter with audible. Because the command is implemented for that entire audiobook feature, I don’t think they can mix functions within that feature.  not sure if it is possible or not, but I can assume it’d be somewhat complicating.

@coachz wrote:
so it’s dumb user protection.  the left and right buttons are there to let you go to the next and previous track,  it’s dumb to turn them off for stupid users.

Actually, I’ve seen reviews that praised the “no skip to next track” feature for listening to audiobooks.  I believe the Clix 2 makes it settable, for the precise purpose of addressing audiobook listeners.

I personally like the feature for audiobooks, so the accidental touch doesn’t lose my place.  Which I’ve done dozens of times, especially when intending to fast forward a little but my finger goes off the fast forward before it gets registered as “press-and-hold.”  I’ve had this on my dream list of desirable features of an audiobook player for two years now.

So consider it an evolution of the functionality of the ff/rew buttons.  Specifically for audiobooks.  Requested by users and reviewers.  Can you describe the case where you want to skip listening to the remaining part of a chapter but still want to go to the next chapter?  Most books are meaningful only if you listen sequentially–skipping a part in the middle would have the listener not knowing what’s going on.  Maybe on re-listen, where you know what you are skipping.  Otherwise, skipping portions without knowing what you’re missing would seem to rarely be desirable.   You’ve got me curious.

for example, you get an audio book on stock trading or real estate and you just want to jump ahead of the first couple tracks of introduction.  I guess I can just put the tracks in the Music folder instead.

It really depends on how the audiobook was set up. If they were all split and relatively small files, than using the music folder may be better for you, but for longer books, but for longer books (anywhere from 2 to 8 hours) it’d be nice to not have skip to next book.