HELP!!! A Newbie with Forward Problems

I just got my Fuze on Monday and downloaded music and audiobooks.  My forward button does not seem to be working when I am in Audiobooks.  When I try to move skip through the chapters of the book I’m listening to nothing happens.  I have to go back to the menu, select the book again then use the thumbwheel to select the chapter.  Shoudn’t I be able to use the >>| button to skip forward?

Help me please - this is all so new to me. 

If you hold it down and it should foreward in the current chapter.  The new firmware , I believe allows you to move to the next chapter if you press it once quickly, I know it does for podcasts.  If you don’t have the new firmware that should work.  Try pressing it quickly.

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On your new Fuze, let’s check the firmware level.  On the device, go to Settings > System Settings > Info, and read the first line. 

This is your installed firmware level. 

The newest firmware is 01.01.15.  This firmware displays the new Sansa four-color logo.

The latest revision allows you to skip to the next audiobook or podcast with a short press of the forward button.  A longer press commends the device to fast forward.

You can update the firmware in either of two ways, with the Sansa Updater application, or by manually installing the firmware.

Check this thread for the new Firmware 01.01.15.  Follow the steps in this thread, and your Sansa will have the latest features!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

By “audiobook” do you mean a collection of mp3s or a book from"?  For the format (with either the .11 and .15 firmware), you need to set the “Ch.Mode” to “on” – when playing the audiobook, press the bottom of the scroll wheel ("=" button), and select and set the Ch.Mode option.  For audiobooks that are a collection of mp3s, you may need the .15 firmware, but just pressing the “>>|” button should advance to the next track (although with this type of audiobook, most people would recommend to combine all your mp3s into one big file to take advantage of the automatic bookmarking feature).

I’m thinking about returning this thing!  Some of my music is not playing.  When I select an album it just scrolls through the song titles and does not play. When I try to go to the firmware update page (hoping that might solve the problem) my browser shuts down. 

All I want is to listen to books and play a little music.  I miss my old C150 but it died so this was supposed to be the replacement.  I think I’ll just go back to the dark ages and use a CD player!

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