Cannot add Fuze Music files to WMP 11?

When I try to add my music files to “Add To Library” in WMP 11, I get this message “The Folder My Computer\Sansa Fuze 8G\Internal Memory\Music” could not be found. It may be located on an unavailable volume or protected with a password. Change the folder and try again.

I am at a loss to what that means or how to get my music into WMP without loading all of my CD’s one by one again. I have my USB settings on Auto. I just got my Sansa yesterday so I am new to this…Any suggestions would be appreciated…Thank you…CG

Where are the files you are trying to add? On the Fuze or on your computer? You need to tell WMP where to look for them.

The Fuze has two modes under Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. MSC makes the Fuze look like a basic disc drive or flash drive. MTP is for synching with Windows Media Player.

Auto Detect goes to MTP if it finds Windows Media Player 10 or 11 (not WMP 9) on your computer, MSC if it doesn’t.

And one more twist: Your computer can only see files sent by MTP or files sent by MSC–not both at once. (The Fuze finds them all, from both modes.) So if you sent files by MSC, and are now trying to find them in MTP mode, they won’t be visible. 

Solution: Turn off Auto-Detect and use the same mode all the time. 

Thank you for your reply.

The files are in My Computer\Sansa Fuze 8GB\Internal Memory\Music. I dragged and dropped my existing MPEG 4 files there, from a pevious player.

I have my Sansa now set in MTP. I can see the files but as previously when I try to “Add To Library” the path to where the files are I get the same message as above and the files are not added to WMP 11.

I did have previous files in WMP and they synced fine. But getting these other files into WMP seems like a tough task, for me anyway…CG

I don’t use WMP–I’m funny that way–but if you can see them you should be able to get them.

WMP has a folder on your computer that it’s using for a library. Look in Settings and find where it is.

Then navigate to the files on your Fuze, copy them and past them into the library folder. 

I found where the files were…but when I copied and pasted to the folder they still didn’t show up on WMP.

So, I give up there!

I installed Rhapsody and now I have another problem…It shows all the files that I tried to get into WMP. The files are all in Rhapsody, but I cannot seem to find them on my Fuze to play them? So I am thinking they didn’t sync??

I figured it out…thank you for all your help…:slight_smile: