Can the Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB MP3 play podcasts one after another

For health reasons I have to take a long walk after every meal.  For many years while on my walks I’ve listened to podcasts on my wonderful old Sandisk sansa, which plays one podcast after another without an action from me until I stop them.  This is ideal up here in the north when I’m walking in 30 below zero weather. I mean I don’t want to have to open my parka and take out the player to move to the next podcast.  If I had to do that, they’d find me lying in the snow, frozen solid like all the rest of those poor devils who bought the wrong MP3 player.  Anyway, after years of use the plug-in on my old Sansa fuze is just about worn out and the player has to be replaced.  I did buy a sansa clip, but had to return it when I discovered it didn’t play podcasts one after another, automatically. (And it’s also too small for my needs.)  So before I buy a new 4 gig sansa fuze, I need to know if this larger player will play my podcasts consecutively and one after another.  Your advice would be much appreciated.

If you had an older Fuze that did it, and you’re considering a new one to replace it, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work the same.

Note though, that there is a newer Fuze+ that has changed considerably from the older (original) Fuse. While the original Fuze is discontinued, there are still some available out there; new, used & re-furbed.

Thank  you for the response.  I’ve taken note of it.  If I can’t get one of the old Sansa’s, then I’ll have to go to another brand that offers the feature I need.  Frankly I can’t understand why the Sandisk software designers would remove a function so essential for some users in listening to their Podcasts. I’m referring to the ability to set podcasts to play one after another without having to manually move forward, as was available in the older Sansa MP3 Players.  That’s the trouble with designers.  They make changes without thinking deeply enough.   

I currently use the Sansa e250 2GB Fuze MP3 player.  I use it four times a day on my walks and it has worked perfectly since 2007 (and has my vital automatic podcast advance feature).  It’s still going strong, except the plug-in is worn from all that use and doesn’t connect too well any more when I plug my earphones in.  I’m not sure if the current 2GB Sansa Fuze is the same as the e250 or has the same auto-advance functionality.  Anyone know?  (I suspect it’s the same as the 4 and 8 GB and lacks that feature I need.)

@mrhat wrote:

I currently use the Sansa e250 2GB Fuze MP3 player.  

There is an e250 (2GB) and a Fuze. They are 2 totally different players. The (original) Fuze replaced the e200 Series model.

But if your podcasts are put in the Podcast folder (or even the Audio Books folder), and then filed under the same “Album” folder, they should play consecutively without stopping, regardless of the player model.

Thanks for the response TW…

And thanks for straightening me out about the difference between the Sansa Fuze and the Sansa e250.  That clarifies the problem I had and I’m looking right now at a Sana e250 on amazon.  This is the player I’ve used for five years, according to my sales slip.  It’s also what I plan to to buy again.

I bought the sansa clip (not a fuze) the other day and returned it because it didn’t play the podcasts one after the other.  After this experience I wondered if the (newer Fuze) models would have the same problem.  Thanks for telling me (and others) about the workaround.

Cheers, Don.