Can I transfer audiobooks to my Sansa Sandisc?

I’m trying to transfer an audiobook to my Sansa using Windows Media Player. I have the disc loaded but when I try to drag to the sync list, the item shows one of those red circles with the line thru it. That tells me the action is prohibited. So, how to I get my audiobook to my Sansa?

Depends on where the audiobook files came from and the type of files they are. If they are from you must use their Audible Manager software. If they are ‘borrowed’ from your local library, you must use their Overdrive software.

Other sources may have their own proprietary software too in order to transfer the license information on DRM-encrypted files. If they are simply ripped on CD’s you should be able to use WMP to transfer them as long as you rip them in .mp3 format or remove the ‘copy protection’ (DRM) in WMP’s Rip settings if using .wma format.

Yes, they’re discs borrowed from the library. I thought I could copy the discs to my computer and then transfer them to my Sandisc. Can’t I do it?

If you have the CD’s (and they haven’t blocked copying them) yes, you should be able to rip them in WMP or other software to .mp3 format and then simply drag & drop them over to your player. If you prefer to use .wma format, WMP by default puts in “copy protection” so you can’t copy them multiple places. You have to un-check “copy protect files” in WMP’s Rip settings (or just use .mp3 format).

You cannot simply copy the CD’s. They won’t be in a format that your player can read. You have to ‘rip’ or convert them to a readable format like .mp3 or .wma. The same is true for music CD’s.

If however , these are downloaded audiobooks from your library, you have to use their software to download and transfer them in order to transfer the license information and time limits. Most libraries use OverDrive and you’re limited to 2-3 weeks time (just like borrowing a physical book) before the file becomes inactive.

Thank you. I’ll keep trying.