DRM Protected Audiobooks

Hi I have Sansa Clip Zip and i am also using MAC

I have downloaded some audiobook files from Audible.com which are DRM protected, and when transferred on sansa player they were not showing

-I dont have Any windows computer please tell how to play these books files in my player

Unfortunately you can’t use a MAC to transfer Audible.com content to a Sansa. The issue is that Audible does not provide the software needed to transfer their files to a Sansa for MAC OS. Itunes does have a component for Audible built in, however itunes does not work with anything except an ipod. To transfer the Audible content you will need a Windows PC and you will need to use Audible manager to transfer the content to your Sansa. 

Thanx For your Reply :slight_smile:

Not i got Windows PC from one of my friend and i have installed Audible Manager on it but my Sansa ClipZip is not Showing Up in Audible Manager however it is recognizing on computer

When i connect player Audible Manager says Sansa is not connected or In Use , What is the Solution

Have you authorized the Zip as a device under the Audible software, as needs to be done?

And switched the Zip’s USB connection setting to MTP?

Yes I have done it two times still same problem

I have the same problem with oneclickdigital.  I found that by looking at the internal memory (looking at the device after clicking on “computer”), there was a file set up  as e-audiobooks.  I just transfer the file to the audiobooks folder.  It shows up as unknown no matter how I rename it, but at least I can listen to it.