Can cucusoftware work on sansa Fuze?


I can’t say I’ve heard of it. Can you link it so someone can test it? Or try it yourself. I probably couldn’t try it because I’m a Linux user.

Maybe if you typed something other than just a smiley-face like . . . . I don’t know, maybe like what it is? You might get a response.

I searched it on Google, and it looks like it’s a video converter. If that’s what you’re talking about, then no, you will have to use the Sansa Media Converter for now.

Sorry for not explaining my problem clearly since I am new to the sansa community.  I can download videos from my camera, but I want to download my dvd movies. I was told that cucusoftware, might work, but I do not want to buy it in case it does not work.  I would really appreciate the help from the experts in this topic. Thank you again.

To transfer your video to the Fuze, the Sansa Media Converter formats the video to the correct aspect ratio for the screen, in AVI format.  The Media Converter accepts video in various digital forms, and converts it for the Sansa.

If your video does not show in the preview pane of the converter, you can transcribe it to a different format with your application, or try “anyvideoconverter” to transfer it to a format that the Sansa Media Converter is happy with.

If the Sansa Media converter isn’t happy, you can also use Rhapsody (free download), and use it offline to convert to the connected Fuze.  In this method, you select “import videos” in the Rhapsody 4 client, and it will write them for the Fuze.  You can use this application without having to subscribe to the Rhapsody service.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: