C140 RIP?

Before I enter the Sandisk support system labyrinth, let me ask here if there is anything more I can do.

My c140 has always worked fine until now.  After the last addition of podcasts,  it  never  turned the screen off (it was still lit up the next morning).   It didn’t respond to the “menu” button.  I replaced the battery, slid the “hold” button to off, and turned the unit back on.  The black and white Sansa logo screen appears, then blinks out, then appears again. This repeats indefinitely. When connected, the device turns itself on but does not say “connected” and the computer doesn’t acknowledge it.

Any other way to reset this?

Message Edited by scottheath on 01-17-2008 02:30 PM

Hello friend, even my Sansa did the same prob…
My sansa went OFF but didnt turn on…
So I contacted Sandisk support team and they replaced the product in just 1 month…

and I would like to know 1 thing from you. Did you use Auto Detect or MSC for transferring??

I had used autodetect on a .mp3 that was about 18mb. I just contacted customer support, so we’ll see how they respond.  I’ll report back.