my C140 is not switching ON, Please help

My Sansa C140 is not switching on…

I was installing some songs using Windows Media Player.. While transferring, my Sansa became frozen and there was no indication on the screen (even when pressing some keys). Then I removed the cable from it and tried switching ON. Now there’s no display on the screen. It is not switching on. I read the manual on the CD, but nothing was given there regarding the same. Even when I insert the cable, there’s no information on the system/My Computer. I don’t know what to do.

I need your help, pls…

similar thing with my c250 in some ways , check the other messages in this section and they are some solutions but none have yet to work for me

did that method work for u??

no it didn’t . i’m yet to find a method that does. today makes 7 days since my problem

did uyou contact SanDisk Customer Service??