Problem with c240 it won´t start

I got a c240 but when i press the on button the blue light comes on but the screen stays black

please help me

what about when you connect it to the computeR?

When i connect to my pc it say usb device found but i cant install it so i cant connect with my sansa!

take the battery out and connect it once more, if it still doesnt turn on right… your going to have to contact sandisk @ 866.SanDisk

please, see the following web site in youtube Here is the problem of my Sandisk Sansa C140 in the next link:   what I can do… helpme please… I can’t to obtain software in the page of … that can help me… no recovery

cablemoviles, that movie shows an older c140 model. In this forum, we are discussing the newer c240 and c250. You should be posting in the MP3 Legacy forum which is where the c140 experts are.

But read my post: Trying Media Player 11 fixed Winamp and make sure you have installed WMP11. Until I installed it, my c250 did not show up in explorer. This may solve part of your problem.