C100 - frozen on a particular song

no problem, let us know how it goes.

Hi. I have the same problem, can you help me?

when it turns on its frozen on the sandisk logo.

have you tried contacting support? that seems to be a problem with the c100 that has not found a fix on these forums.

But, you don´t sent me the solution

Lupita wrote:

But, you don´t sent me the solution

um, what?

Just send an email to support@sandisk.com and tell them about your issue. There isnt a fix on this forum for me to give you. I think your misunderstanding my original post.

thank you

It’s been five days since I received the auto-reply and I’m still waiting for SanDisk to contact me.  Suggestions?

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Hold down the power button for 20 or more seconds; when you release the power button, the Sansa Connect will restart on its own. If it doesn’t restart, you did not hold down the power button long enough – try again.

Is there any other ways? I tried to reset it and when I did it turned off and when I turned it on, it was still frozen.


Download the Link on this page for the Firmware updater.  It is a RAR file extension so you will need to download a trial version of a RAR decompressor at WINRAR.  Open the file now and read the “Howto.txt” file.  This will probably fix just about any problem but will erase all media on the player when it does.  Got this info at Wikibooks.

You can get the Firmware through Wikibooks in the External Links category.  Or here it is.  http://www.sendspace.com/file/7ge9cr  you will also need a WinRAR to decompress the file.  Read the Howto.txt file for information on connecting the player for flashing the firmware.  Good Luck!

mine just flashes on and off - have tried the reset tips provided on this forum but nothing so far

also the pc can’t see it 

My doughter buyed this SANSA c100 for her spar money and as like many others it froze and everytime it showed the last played song.

I tryed what gumby1978 and now it work fine. My doughter i very happy again, so a big THANK YOU gumby1978 for your solution.


When I plug in the USB cord of my C140 player; the computer wants a driver and can’t find one on the internet when it searches for one. It say unknown device. Do you have the driver for the same. If you have the same, can u please mail it on nilesh.chamedia@gmail.com. Thanks a lot in advance.

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