Bug in Track Info - Genre can display a song title or artist name


I believe I’ve found a small bug (anomally) in Track Info.

I don’t think this has been reported before (I did search) but my apologies if I am repeating a known issue.

I’m running two 8gb Fuzes - One a V1 and the other a V2, both have the current firmware (…26F) and this happens on both.

If you are playing a song and go to Track Info, the genre will show correctly.

If you now go back to the main menu [Home] whilst the song is still playing and select Music and go into an ablum or artist or song to just browse within that category to one level down (does not have to be the album/song/artist you are listening to) and then return to the playing song [Home, Home] and look at the Track Info, the genre displays incorrectly (with a song title or artist name for example).

I have not been able to acurately plot exactly what it’s picking up (it’s not random, but I can’t find the key) but it certainly picks up something other than the genre.

Once a new song (or the next song) starts to play, all normallity is returned until you go through the above sequence again.

I was carrying out a bit of listening research when I discovered this, so the sequence is a valid use of the controls.

Not something to worry about, but I thought I would raise it for those idle moments when the Sansa development guys have nothing to do because they’ve implemented gapless playback and want something to fix :wink: :wink: :wink:

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